Heyloooo from me!!

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Heyloooo from me!!

Post  Jennie on Wed Jun 18, 2008 12:34 pm

Hiya everyone, Well i am Jennie - 23 and from Newcastle Upon Tyne.

I am married to Scouse (I know... loads of people react like that.. but it's not so bad once you get to know him!! Laughing ) I have a step son Joel (Scouse's mini him) who is 7 and me and Scouse have a daughter Meghan who is 3 going on 16.. Shocked SCARY!!

We are currently pregnant with Belly bean numero 3.... NO MORE AFTER THIS ONE!! Smile Due date is around November 17th.... and i have 50 quid on it being a girl Smile.

I have 9 pen pals.... 8 of which are on Death Row in America.... the other is due out in 2009.
4 of my guys are/ or where in the Notorious Polunsky Unit in Texas (don't ask how i managed to get 4 guys in the same place... it's their fault i swear they gossip more than women!!) One of which (Mr Foster www.freeekenneth.com) is now in the McConnell Unit in Texas after having his sentence commuted to life by Governor Perry himself just 6 hours before his scheduled execution.

My Uncle Shaka (A name me and the family have gave to my first ever pen pal!!) is in the equally notorious San Quentin.

I also have pen pals in Lompoc Prison, CA - Ely, NV and Jackson, GA.

They are all so different... it's a great thing.. i am never bored i tell you!! Smile

I help where i can with various people... this and that you know.. Smile
Mostly though i am just a Mammy who cares and is actively against the Death Penalty!!

I am looking forward to getting to know you all more...

Hope you are all well!!


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