Kenny Richey's death row cellmate says he's a liar....

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Kenny Richey's death row cellmate says he's a liar....

Post  NEADP on Mon Jun 23, 2008 5:48 pm

A KILLER who shared a death row cell with Kenny Richey last night branded the Scot a liar who "conned Scotland".

Robert "Bulldog" Van Hook wrote to the Sunday Mail from Ohio State Penitentiary where he was Richey's best pal.

The 48-year-old claims Richey:

Had three gay lovers on death row - including one who was a serial killer.

Conned Scots into backing his freedom campaign.

Threatened to throw his Scots girlfriend off a cliff.

Richey spent 21 years in a US jail for killing two-year-old Cynthia Collins in an arson attack.

He was being freed in January after making a 'no contest' plea to involuntary manslaughter.

Van Hook - sentenced to death for murdering a gay man he picked up in a bar - said: "When Kenny first came to Death Row I took him under my wing and protected him, looked out for him.

"He had 3 prison sex affairs - one with one of the most notorious serial killers on Ohio's death row.

"He also told me things about his case - what he was really doing the night Cynthia Collins died - that will make your toes curl."

Van Hook said he wrote to Richey's ex-fiancee Karen Torley, who led the campaign for his release, and warned he was using her to con people into believing him.

He added: "I told her he was an attention-seeking, manipulative little b***. He said he was going to dump her when he was done with her.

"He said he'd take her to the cliffs of Dover and throw her big fat ass over."

Since his return to Edinburgh Richey, 43, has squandered cash paid for his life story on casinos, cocaine and booze.

(source: Sunday Mail)


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