Let's end executions in Virginia

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Let's end executions in Virginia

Post  Jennie on Wed Jun 25, 2008 12:03 pm

Let's end executions in Virginia

Robert Yarbrough's June 25 date with the Virginia death chamber is rapidly approaching, and as the brother of a murder victim, I am not thrilled about this.

The killing of my sister leaves me with deep empathy for the family of Yarbrough's victim, Cyril Hugh Hamby, but I cannot condone the taking of human life, no matter who they might be.

I saw what it did to my family, and I would never wish that on another.

I hope that readers will contact our governor and ask him to stop this and all Virginia executions. We should be compassionate, not vengeful.

Ryan Nixon ---- Norfolk

(source: Letter to the Editor, Daily Press)

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