State To Seek Death Penalty In Correctional Officer Slaying

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State To Seek Death Penalty In Correctional Officer Slaying

Post  Jennie on Fri Jul 11, 2008 12:40 am

State To Seek Death Penalty In Correctional Officer Slaying----Inmate Indicted For Premeditated Murder

Prosecutors announced on Thursday that they will seek the death penalty against an inmate accused of killing a correctional officer at the Tamoka Correctional Institution.

Enoch Hall, 39, is accused of killing 13-year veteran Donna Fitzgerald on June 25. Police said Hall hid in a welding shed adjacent to a workshop area with a knife made out of a piece of sheet metal.

When Fitzgerald confronted Hall, she was stabbed multiple times, police said.

A grand jury returned indictments for 1st-degree premeditated murder against Hall.

"We believe that the facts and the loss support the state's request for the death penalty in this case," State Attorney John Tanner said. "We will be seeking death for Mr. Hall and that will be a matter for the jury and a judge to decide."

State Attorney Leah Case will be the lead prosecutor for the case.

"The facts will come out in trial, or through the discovery process as you all are aware, but we have a good case and we think the appropriate penalty in this case is the death penalty," Case said.

Hall was already serving 2 consecutive life sentences at Tamoka, one for kidnapping and another for sexual battery.

"We want to make certain that the inmates in the state of Florida understand that if they harm a corrections officer, if they kill a corrections officer, that justice will not only be swift, it will be sure," Tanner said.

The State Attorney's Office said they would like to move the case through the court system as quickly as possible and begin the trial in as soon as 6 months.

(source: WESH News)

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