Leonard Peltier - call/email in

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Leonard Peltier - call/email in

Post  Jennie on Fri Jul 11, 2008 1:34 am

Please Forward far and Wide!
Body: Please Forward far and Wide!

On Monday July 14th there will be a concentrated 'call in' and 'emailing' to get Leonard Peltier his Diabetes testing kit and diabetic shoes.

From 10:00AM - 1:00PM Eastern standard time (7am-10am Pacific) please call:
Warden Bledsoe at USP Penitentiary Lewisburg
Phone: 570-523-1251

Let them know that Leonard NEEDS his Diabetes testing kit and diabetic shoes, and his health is suffering because he has been denied these basic supplies.

The U.S.

penitentiary at Lewisburg is in lock down, lock downs, especially those that last a long while,
are dangerous. Why? First, it's common for Leonard not to receive his medications at such times.

Second, the prison has told all of us that Leonard has access to a diabetes testing kit in the infirmary.

Right? Unfortunately, during a lock down, Leonard isn't allowed to go to the infirmary at all.

There's no way for him to test his blood glucose level.

also send emails to:


Scott Dodrill, Regional Director Northeast Regional Office
E-mail: nero/execassistant@ bop.


Warden Bledsoe
E-mail: lew/execassistant@ bop.


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